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BRAVECTO is the latest (& probably last in this round) flea & tick product for dogs to hit the market. It boasts 3 month flea and 4 month tick control, all in a tasty chew.

This means 4 treatments a year will give your dog continuous flea and tick coverage. This is very convenient for pet owners, and much better for your dog not to have gaps in their protection.

But as always, some pet owners will have legitimate concerns, most probably with safety and compliance. Test data supports the safety of the product, but I am sure that some people may not be comfortable with longer acting chemicals in their pets. Interestingly though, many of these people are happy to have their dogs injected annually with Proheart SR-12 for heartworm prevention. This is a product with some significant adverse reaction histories on the global scale. By comparison, Bravecto appears to be very safe.

With respect to compliance, some people will be happy with a 3 monthly cycle, as they can stick a reminder in their smart phones and have it all sewn up. For others though, a monthly regime tied in with heartworm control control (Interceptor) might suit better. However I would like to offer you a service we are launching in association with Bravecto. If you purchase your Bravecto at the Bellingen Vet Hospital, we will send you a free email reminder when your dog is due for retreatment. And if it suits you, you can bring your pet in for his/her Bravecto to be administered by one of our nurses.

If you want to know more about BRAVECTO go to their website. This is their USA one as the Australian one hasn't launched yet to my knowledge.


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